Entry #1

Hey Newground

2012-12-17 12:26:51 by MidnightFrog

Hi I'm MidnightFrog,
I'm now on Newgrounds. hopefully, I'll be using this as much as my smackjeeves and deviant art account. But like all things it takes a little getting use to. Anyway, I hope to post art here and then want to get into animation. I'll be posting everything here (except hard core gay porn). I hope to be reviewing and making my presence known here as much as possible.


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2012-12-17 15:14:51

All your pictures bar one have a face at a 15 degrees rotation left from the middle and eyes looking back into the center. Have fun round here!

MidnightFrog responds:

Ah yeah, these are some old pictures. I drew most of these a couple of months ago. I'm going to start trying different stuff and experimenting more in the near future


2012-12-18 20:07:47

Good luck!

MidnightFrog responds:

Thanks Man! I'll try and do you proud


2013-03-28 09:58:18

i guess wer'e not the only frogs around anymore LOL
your art is really good! keep it up!

MidnightFrog responds:

frogbros for life! thanks man :) I will


2013-09-08 16:52:06

you seem like pretty fucking cool dude ._. hi

MidnightFrog responds:

oh hey man, you seem pretty fucking awesome too! :3


2013-12-12 22:31:59

lol thanks bud *thumbs up*